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Smiley Shades
Smiley Shades
49¢, Min:10
Smiley Wink
Smiley Wink
45¢, Min:10
Marblez Purple Orbz PKGD
$2.69, Min:5
Thanksgiving Sunflowers
45¢, Min:10
Halloween Pumpkin
49¢, Min:10
Trick or Treat Candy
Trick or...
49¢, Min:10
Thanksgiving Leaves Marquee
52¢, Min:10
So Special Flowers
So Special...
52¢, Min:10

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LOL Emocticon
$1.08  $0.49
Proud of You
$1.08  $0.52
HBD Polka Dot Candles
$0.49  $0.39
Chocolate Dip Strawberry
$1.29  $0.52
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New Products For October

Happy Holidays Holly
$1.08, Min:10
Ho Ho Ho Ornament
$2.69, Min:5
Oh So Fabulous Bday
$1.08, Min:10
49¢, Min:10
Bday Lit Candles Bubble PKGD
$2.59, Min:5
Anniversary Bubble PKGD
$2.59, Min:5
Irridescent Happy Birthday
49¢, Min:10
59¢, Min:10