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Nikkis Balloons
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Are helium costs cutting into your profits?

Check out these helium saving ideas from our team of balloon experts!
Helium-Saver Foil Balloons
The future of helium saving balloons!
Balloons are only 6% smaller but use 20% less helium!

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Helium RegulatorRegulators
Did you know you can save up to 40% less helium by using a regulator?

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4" Fill with Air Balloons
These 4" balloons are perfect for any occasion

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9"-14" Fill with Air Balloons
Simply inflate using air pump, seal balloon and add cups/sticks

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Fill with Air Accessories
Everything you need to inflate and sell Helium-Free balloons: Cups, Sticks, Wands, Heat Sealers, etc

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Instructional Videos and Helium-Saving Tips

How-To: Sticks and Cups for "Fill with Air" Balloons

Using Hi-Float to prolong the life of "Fill with Air" Balloons

Using Hi-Float with 60/40 Helium Inflators/Regulators

How-To: Seal "Fill with Air" Balloons w/ Premium Heat Sealer

How-To: Inflating balloons w/ Premium Mini-Cool Aire Pro

How-To: Installing and using helium tank regulator

More Videos Coming Soon!